Recap My Cooking Day


Saturday was a cooking day. Instead of a working day. Which I did today instead. I appreciated a hurricane day. :)

Thanks to Pinterest, I found three recipes I wanted to try.

One was for roasted sweet potatoes. It wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping, I should have added more brown sugar. I did add more cinnamon and butter. It was a good snack that lasted me a few days. They’re all gone now. :)

Another was for broccoli bites. Only four ingredients, and super easy! I ended up with 24 oz of broccoli, so I increased the ingredients across the board. I also used a block of white cheddar cheese and grated it myself. The additives and crazy things that are put into pre-grated cheeses is slightly disgusting.


So. Yummy.

I split them in half, and put half in the freezer. Good thing, the half that had been in the fridge is all gone. Seriously, so incredibly good.

Finally was a crockpot veggie lasagna. I was short on diced tomatoes, and hate mushrooms, so I used squash, a green pepper, and an onion instead. I also added two extra bulbs of garlic. Mmmm, garlic. Anyway, I had a lot of veggies, and not enough tomato liquid stuff. Oh, I also used fresh mozzarella. Which is lousy to grate. I ended up tearing it instead.

So I went ahead and layered it, and ended up cooking it for three hours on high. I was hungry, so I ate it almost right away. It was very liquidy (someone pointed out I was supposed to let it cool first) and a hot mess on my plate – seriously, how do you get a massive piece of lasagna out of a crockpot??


Once again: so yummy.

I also froze half of this, and have had lasagna for dinner the last three nights. Mmmm, but soooooooo good. Love it.

Keep in mind, I also have left over refried beans from the other day. I have lots of food, in my fridge and freezer. I never have that much food. Ever. :)

I might be able to make a couple of spinach (left over from the lasagna) and parmesan (left over over from the crockpot mac’n’cheese) quesadillas tomorrow. I bought whole wheat tortillas to use with the refried beans (and make burritos with the avocado I bought). Hehe, loving cooking at the moment. And I managed to keep my kitchen clean during the whole thing!!

Ah, and I cooked the remainder of the eggs I had bought. I “boiled” them in the oven (a trick I learned from Pinterest too). I have mayo, spicy mustard, and lemon juice to make egg salad stuff. :):)

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